Remy Shand Comes Home

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Hes been across Europe three times. Hes delighted audiences of Live with Regis & Kelly with his unconventional fusion of R&B, pop and alternative styles. Hes toured the U.S. opening for Sheryl Crow. He's been on CNN, NBC, MuchMusic and on just about every radio station across the continent and beyond. Lately, it seems as if Remy Shand is everywhere.

Finally, after eight months of non-stop touring, Shand is coming home.

Manitobans will get a chance to enjoy one of Winnipeg's most popular artists perform songs from his acclaimed debut album, The Way I Feel, and some new music that's bound have people humming long after Shand hops back on the road for the rest of his Canadian tour. This is his first hometown concert since July's Get Together Downtown.

It's fitting that this 23-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and self-producer will take over the Burton Cummings Theatre on November 16. In October, Shand won two Prairie Music Awards on that very same stage. Unable to accept the "Wheaties" - as the statues are affectionately called - for "Outstanding Pop Recording" and "Outstanding Producer" because he was busy shooting a video for the title track on his album in Toronto, Shand was undoubtedly pleased to receive honours from his prairie peers.

While playing in local experimental rock outfits Leaderhouse and Load in his late teens, Shand began writing the songs that would later make up The Way I Feel. As the story goes, he sent a tape to a friend who sent it to his brother who just happened to be a manager in Toronto. Only three months later, record labels were offering Shand development and multi-album deals. He signed with Universal Music Canada and after four years of recording and mixing at his home in West Kildonan, The Way I Feel was born. Motown picked up the album for the U.S. market and the rest is music history that's still in the making.

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