Hinode Taiko Plays 20th Anniversary

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The words "birthday bash" take on extra meaning when applied to Hinode Taiko's 20th anniversary New Traditions concert at the Pantages Theatre, Saturday, November 2, at 8:00pm.

Hinode Taiko, Canada's best known Japanese drumming group, will be joined by an all-star line-up of taiko artists from across North America and overseas: New York's Soh Daiko, California's San Jose Taiko, and hailing from Sado Island (Japan), vocalist Yoko Fujimoto of the world-renowned taiko group KODO. .

This high-octane birthday guest list is a measure of the reputation Hinode has achieved in the international taiko scene over the past two decades. .

From humble workshop beginnings, using broom handles for drumsticks and old tires for practice drums, Hinode has matured into one of the top taiko ensembles in the country. Now they are planning to party down with some of the world's best right here in Winnipeg. .

Soh Daiko infuses taut, high-energy choreography with unmistakable New York pizzazz. San Jose Taiko, one of North America's three founding taiko ensembles, offers a tapestry of multicultural richness woven with West Coast flair. Yoko Fujimoto, who wowed Winnipeggers last year with soaring vocals and soulful percussion as part of the female trio Hanayui, is sure to captivate the audience again with her haunting elegance. .

"With these guests, we can really show Winnipeggers some of the incredible diversity in taiko today," said Pamela Okano, Hinode's artistic director. "This is one concert that's worth waiting 20 years to see." .

Following its New Traditions custom, Hinode Taiko will also be premiering some brand new repertoire at the concert, this time from Makoto Ono, known to Winnipeg fans as the talented Hinode member who won 3rd place in the All-Japan Odaiko contest just two years ago. .

Ono's new piece is a piece for the Odaiko (large drum) that promises to push the frontiers of percussive expression, using digital technology as well as the muscle, sweat and sinew of authentic taiko playing. .

True to their roots, Hinode Taiko invites their fellow Winnipeggers to come and celebrate 20 years of groundbreaking Canadian taiko with hometown pride and a warm welcome for some very special guests. .

For further information about Hinode Taiko and the New Traditions concert, please visit Hinode Taiko's website: www.hinode.mb.ca.

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