Local Band Launches Concert Series

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Sometimes it’s not enough to just plug in and play. In an effort to get artists together in a creative and uncompetitive forum, Brandon-formed and Winnipeg-based band Jerk Water decided to promote their own series of concerts under the new promotion company Screemin’ Chix Promotions. Dubbed “The Evolution of the Scene,” the series features at least four concerts with 10 bands, playing everything from rock to acoustic to metal to blues.

“With all the energy we've found in this town and the glimpse at greatness in the Winnipeg music scene, we tried to figure a way to get all this energy together for the good of all,” says Jerk Water’s Darwin Foster. “It's an anti-battle of the bands.”

Meant to be a media showcase for diverse bands in a different venue each month, bands can play two songs each in a randomly drawn order, sharing equipment. The showcase runs between 8pm and 11pm, after which there is an open stage where any band can come up and perform two songs.

The first event in this series made its debut at the Pyramid on December 19th. An agent for Nickelback was on hand as well as representatives from two independent labels from Toronto. Foster points out that there was a fair amount of media attention, from television to major radio stations like Power97. To make it even more exciting, NETVID TV and Auracle Studios are onboard help capture the stage energy.

With dates already planned for January and February, Screemin’ Chix Promotions isn’t just sitting back and waiting to see what happens. There are also plans for two outdoor events in the summer with 20 to 30 bands.

“Any musicians are welcome,” says Foster. “They just have to be into the idea and want to help the scene grow.”

The latest concert in “The Evolution of Scene” takes place at the Avenue Cabaret on December 19th and features Joe Karma, Krazed, Pornocracy, The Velvet Pill, Trousermouth, B.U.M.P., Why, Burnt and Neil Pinto.

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