Local Hip-Hop Act Chosen for National CD Compilation

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Frek Sho has been named as the sole Manitoba act on the first Dig Your Roots compilation album. Dig Your Roots – Hip-Hop, which will be released nationwide March 3, 2003, features 15 independent hip-hop artists from across Canada. Frek Sho was chosen from hundreds of entries as one of the premium hip-hop groups in the country, and proudly represents its home province on the album.

Since 1994, Frek Sho has been bringing a vibrant new sound to the Manitoba hip-hop scene. The collective’s unique makeup both culturally and musically contributes to its one-of-a-kind sound. 2002 saw the release of two Frek Sho albums; the Papercuts EP and the full length Tournament Edition. The latter contains 11 unreleased tracks and five that were only available previously via the group’s vinyl releases.

"It feels great to be acknowledged and chosen for an all-Canadian compilation on hip-hop, probably the first compilation really representing artist from all the regions,” Frek Sho’s Spoof says. “After nine years of releasing strong underground hits and tours throughout Canada and the world, its nice to finally get a spot that was deserved years ago."

Dig Your Roots is an initiative set up by the National Campus and Community Radio Association to expose and develop a variety of independent Canadian music. The goal of Dig Your Roots involves releasing nine more genre-specific compilations in the next four and a half years. A series of release shows for each compilation will occur across Canada and broadcast to the country through a number of participating radio stations.

The National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) is the guiding body over volunteer-based, community radio stations in Canada and are committed to advancing the role and increasing the effectiveness of campus and community radio in Canada.

For more information on Dig Your Roots, please visit www.DigYourRoots.ca.

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