Local Musicians Celebrate Birthday with Singing Fundraiser

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For some people, a birthday just isn’t enough celebration. Local musicians Nicky Mehta and Mark Reeves wanted more than party hats and cake and have opted to celebrate their respective birthdays by throwing a karaoke fundraiser. …A karaoke fundraiser?

“Our egos are so large that cake and hats are mere trifles for an occasion as important as our birthdays,” jokes Mehta, who performs solo and with critically-acclaimed trio The Wailin’ Jennys. “Last year, Mark and I were just going to get together and perform a show and use our shared birthday as an excuse. The ‘Artists for Artists’ fundraiser was born. Last year the evening featured over 15 live Winnipeg acts - all of whom performed to a standing room only crowd - and we raised $500 for Art City in the process.”

While last year’s birthday event was a success, in order to concentrate more on celebration and less on being the resident sound techs, Mehta and Reeves opted for the less complicated karaoke party. Art City was an obvious choice for their fundraising efforts.

“Art City is a phenomenal organization that offers art lessons and a space to be creative to kids who might not otherwise get the opportunity,” explains Mehta of their choice to raise money for the organization. “Since it is my and Mark's belief that artistic expression is vital in creating a healthy, vibrant individual and that our society generally does not recognize this as a philosophical and fiscal priority, we would like to do what we can to direct some support to this area.”

Between the two musicians, they’re likely to draw a fair number of popular local artists for the good cause. The strong community of local musicians should result in an evening of folkies singing pop music and unpredictable fun. But don’t expect Mehta and Reeves to honour the old birthday loot bag tradition. “I have never subscribed to that bizarre concept of giving other people presents on my birthday,” Mehta deadpans, “but if people ask nicely, I'll consider singing ‘For Your Eyes Only’ as a goodnight lullaby. It crosses about a four-octave range so it's quite entertaining when I attempt it.”

To find out more about Art City, please visit www.mts.net/~artcity.

The Second Annual "Artists for Artists" Fundraiser, Eddy’s Garage, Monday, January 27 at 7pm, Admission is $5.00 and all proceeds go to Art City.

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