Telepathic Butterflies Head South By Southwest

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The Telepathic Butterflies are heading to Austin, Texas this week to play amongst some esteemed company. Handpicked by the folks from South By Southwests sister festival, North By Northeast to showcase at their NXNE Presents night, The Telepathic Butterflies will perform for industry and media from across North America on March 15.

Sharing the bill are Toronto buzz bands Broken Social Scene and Cuff the Duke, as well as Montreal up-and-comer The Stills. Rounding out the bill is mod revival throwback The Datson Four, who share a label home at Rainbow Quartz Records with the Butterflies.

Since signing with New York-based Rainbow Quartz last summer, The Telepathic Butterflies have been hard at work revamping their debut album, Nine Songs, for an international re-release. Padded with four new tracks and a redesigned layout, the album will be out in Canada and the United States on March 25, with overseas release dates to follow.

The genre-specific nature of Rainbow Quartzs roster (that of the jangly guitar pop feel) doesnt phase Telepathic Butterflies guitarist/vocalist Rejean Ricard, who maintains the band isnt pigeonholed by any musical boundaries.

Any label that is willing to put any money or support behind a band is a good thing, he says. Its all about how much a label is willing to do for you. I dont feel like were trying to live up to anything. We just write songs, and thats the end of it.

In addition to the planned international release of the album, Rainbow Quartz has also assisted in getting The Telepathic Butterflies in on a NXNE compilation CD that was distributed in 45 000 cases of Mikes Hard Lemonade. Its that kind of outreach that allows the band to look past the fact that it has been three years since the initial release of Nine Songs.

Its given it a new set of legs, Ricard says. Thats why re-releasing the old CD was a good idea. With no distribution, it was hard to get it out. This gets it out to a larger audience.

The Telepathic Butterflies Winnipeg re-release party is set for April 10 at Times Change(d) with Torontos Music For Mapmakers.

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