Farrell Bros Sign Two Record Deals

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After years of dishing out their brand of rip-rollicking rockabilly, Winnipegs Farrell Bros have definitely earned their immaculately styled coifs and sizzling Buddy Holly sartorial style. But if any more evidence of the Farrells prowess needs to be seen, the brothers are presenting plenty of it: after releasing their first two albums independently, the Farrells haved signed with Teenage Rampage Records in Canada and London-based psychobilly label Raucous Records, who will release their upcoming record at home and abroad, respectively. As if that werent enough, the Farrells will also be donating a tune to an upcoming UK based Clash tribute record.

Things had got to the point that we needed the support of a label to get the things done we needed to have done, explains Shawn Farrell. It didnt make sense for us to release it on either one, so our solution was to release it on both.

The upcoming record, called Rumble at the Opry, features 14 new tracks, as well as a modified lineup which leaves them as a trio, with Farrell as the lone guitarist and his brother Gordie dishing out the double-bass riffs. Recorded at Winnipegs Maddock Studios with producer Dave Roman, Farrell explains that capturing the bands well-known live energy was the focus of the recording, and the whittled-down instrumentation helped accomplish that. It really served to define our sound, and this is what we were trying to capture, says Farrell of the new record.

As for the Clash compilation, which is due out in September on the same Raucous Records label, the Farrells couldnt be more thrilled about being a part of it although the opportunity did come, seemingly, from out of the blue. When the head of Raucous heard a few advance tracks from the Farrells new disc, he was quick to call up the band for a contribution, and the Farrells were quick to agree.

We were more than happy to do the Clash album, says Farrell. It was a cool thing to have been asked to be involved in. It was a compliment for us to have had that element of our music recognized, and its an honour to have been able to pay tribute to an act that has been, and continues to be, an influence on us.

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