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With so many bands searching desperately for their big break, now that Nathan has got one, theyre taking it in stride... even though they won the regional spot for the CBC Radios Big Break competition, snagging a spot on a compilation CD and earning them a trip to Toronto on May 31st to play alongside Ontarios regional winners Microbunny, vocalist Keri McTighe is taking it with her customary humility.

They probably asked all the bands who could get to the show, and Nathan and Microbunny were the only takers? McTighe says with a healthy dose of humor. A number of industry reps have been invited from Universal, Maple Music, EMI, and BMG, so its more of a showcase than anything.

All modesty aside, the show represents another in a string of accomplishments for the relatively new otufit. After almost two years since the release of their debut CD, Stranger, Nathan has been surrounded by a healthy buzz that has grown as audiences across the country have been charmed by the outfits beguiling, eclectic sounds and breathtaking lyrics. McTighe picked up the Manitoban regional award in Standard Radio National Songwriting Competition, and the band scooped up the 2002 Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Independent Album.

While Nathan is planning to record a sophomore album in the late fall with producer John Switzer (who also helmed releases by artists like Jane Siberry, Andrew Cash, and the Brothers Cosmoline), and embark on a summer tour, McTighe notes that the buzz surrounding the band - which also features vocalist, guitarist, and accordionist Shelley Bilewitch, bassist Devin Latimer, and drummer Daniel Roy - has definitely not gone to its collective head.

Its weird in a way. Its probably because there was never hype which can raise expectations beyond a bands capabilities, but just this gentle buzz which doesnt threaten to inflate our egos, but brings in the perfect smattering of people to our shows to keep them intimate but still scary.

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