Exchange District Home to New Entertainment Complex

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Winnipegs Exchange District will be home to an exciting new development, an entertainment office complex geared at the music industry as well as new media and video/film companies. Temporary called 319 Elgin, after its address, the complex is the brainchild of local producer/artist manager Chris Burke-Gaffney of CBG Artist Development (Chantal Kreviazuk, McMaster & James) and local producer Brandon Friesen of Studio 11/Arbor Records.

Chris Burke-Gaffney and I have been working together since 1996, explains Friesen. We both thought it would be a good idea to create a creative environment that would house booth of our companies and hopefully the companies of other local industry people. As a result creating a synergy of resources, contacts and ideas amongst all of our Manitoba based music companies ranging from recording studios, record companies, graphic design firms, music video producers, music lawyers, booking agents, artist managers and artist development companies.

The three-storey historic warehouse building itself will feature design and renovations by award winning Architects, Corbett Cibinel Architects, known for their work on the nearby Red River College Princess Campus, Wesley Hall at the University of Winnipeg, and Heritage Centre - Culturel Franco-Manitobain.

Friesen believes that the new Elgin complex will have a substantial impact on the Manitoba music industry, in part because it will help smaller companies reduce operating expenses through sharing resource.

In addition it will allow the Manitoba music Industry a stronger international competitive edge, says Friesen. Winnipeg is one of many cities in a country that makes up 3% of the music buying market. By creating a synergy of hard working talented music professionals our local musicians and music community will have a stronger national and international presence. It will assist in the export of Manitoba talent and will also attract out of province talent to work in Manitoba.

The total building exceeds 18,000 sq ft. Studio 11 and CBG Artist Development will occupy about 4000 to 5000 sq ft. The remaining space will be leased to other music/video/film/media companies. The internal construction phase begins May 1, while Studio 11 and CBG intend to move into the space is Fall 2004. The building was most recently occupied by the Fantasy Theatre for Children.

For more information, please contact:

Hartley Miller, (204) 832-2704, (Project Manager, Leasing Agent)
Brandon Friesen, (204) 663-0013,
Chris Burke-Gaffney, (204) 943-2205,

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