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Winnipeg has had no shortage high profile releases from emerging musical acts over the last month. New Nettwerk signees Nathan released Jimson Weed in late August while on September 7, rockers The Waking Eyes offered up Video Sound. Tinfoil Phoenix - formerly known as Sonic Bloom - will release Living in the Shadow of the Bat on Universal on September 14. On September 10, indie rockers the Telepathic Butterflies will join the list of successful Manitoba artists putting out albums with the release of Songs from a Second Wave on New York-based label Rainbow Quartz.

The Butterflies' 2000 debut, Nine Songs, was snapped up and released as Introducing The Telepathic Butterlfies last year on Rainbow Quartz, adding some new tracks and giving the band a welcome push. The band won a coveted showcase spot at famed American music conference SXSW in 2002, solidifying their status as one of the top emerging Canadian acts.

Childhood friends Rejean Ricard and Jacques Dubois, the core of the group, call their critically-acclaimed music a "blend of modern psychedelia and power pop," which is often compared to The Beatles. Bassist Eric Van Buren rounds out the trio, which is currently joined by Angus Kirkpatrick (Angus and the Pacemakers) and Rob Pachol (The Driving Wheel).

Capitalizing on the momentum of the album release, the Butterfles will be shooting their first video - for "Angry Yound Man" - the end of September with director Evan Kroeker (Grand Theft Canoe). The video is expected out in late October or early November. Afterwards, the band will head east for The Montreal Pop festival and then back west for the rest of a cross country tour.

The Telepathic Butterflies will release Songs from a Second Wave on September 10 at the Collective Cabaret with special guests Half Court Prayer and Blueprint Gallery.

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