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These days, Manitoba music seems to be everywhere. You can hear indie acts like J.P. Hoe on Hot 103 FM and Q94 FM, Juno-nominated roots act Nathan has a video in rotation on CMT, you can't turn on CBC Radio without hearing from 2005 Juno winners The Wailin' Jennys, and Celtic fusion act The Duhks swept in for a backdoor Grammy win earlier this year by way of their track on the Beautiful Dreamer compilation.

As of May 16, you might even hear some Manitoba music the next time a cell phone rings.

Local indie folk/pop duo Easily Amused, known for being leaders in the world of smart self-promotion, has announced that it has its own ringtones available for download. You can now download tracks "Colleen" and "Only A Girl" of the band's album Simple Stuff to ring on your cell phone.

Custom music ringtones are the new hot thing for artists, particularly major label acts. More and more variety is available if you know where to look and how to download. Indie artists are starting to realize the potential for a new kind of exposure with downloadable ringtones.

Easily Amused's ringtones are available through New York based company DecentXposure. Founded in 2003, DecentXposure helps indie artists market themselves through the sales of ringtones, downloads, CDs, and merchandise. To date, DecentXposure co-founder Cari Gelber says that there are only two Canadian acts making ringtones available through their company, including Easily Amused.

While DecentXposure's downloadable ringtones may not currently be compatible with Canadian cell phones - they only work on Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Tmobile and Cingular - the cell phone exposure south of the border may still be a valuable promotion for Canadian acts. Band like Easily Amused receive royalties for every ringtone download.

To preview or order an Easily Amused ringtone, please click HERE.

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