Manitoba Makes and Breaks Records

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Manitoba recording artists are packing their bags and heading to Toronto, and not just to escape the rain. A record 18 local acts are heading east to showcase at the annual North by Northeast (NXNE) music conference June 9-11.

The bands chosen to showcase at NXNE represent the Manitoba music industry's impressive diversity, performing in various downtown venues across the city as well as attending the the 10th annual Manitoba BBQ, presented by MARIA and Manitoba Film & Sound. The Manitoba BBQ has developed the reputation of being one of the hottest industry parties at the conference. The BBQ, which takes place on June 10 at the prestigious Drake Hotel Sky Yard, will feature Mood Ruff's Odario as DJ.

In addition to the strong artistic showing at NXNE, Manitoba will have a big industry contingent at this year's festivities, including Paquin Entertainment, Bacteria Buffet Records, Unison Studios, Burning Circus Media, MARIA, MFS, and representatives of the Western Canadian Music Awards. Paquin and Bacteria Buffet will each hold their own showcases featuring artists from their respective rosters.

In addition to showcasing, the NXNE conference sessions are available to help artists make contact with an international group of conference-goers from all aspects of the music industry, from other artists, booking agents and managers to lawyers, accountants and record company presidents. Manitoba Acts NXNE 2005:

JP Hoe & the Truly Richards
The Perpetrators
Christine Fellows
Kayla Luky
The Attics
Inward Eye
Easily Amused
The Waking Eyes
Romi Mayes
Greg Milka Crowe
JFK & the Conspirators
The Afterbeat
Michael Johnston
Telepathic Butterflies

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