Manitoba Aboriginal Music All Over American Awards

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Eleven Manitoba artists have been nominated for the 2005 Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA). The ISMA are held annually in conjunction with the largest Aboriginal music festival in North America. The ISMA winners will be announced at an awards ceremony during the Indian Summer Festival (ISF) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 10, 2005.

The nominees are: Burnt - Project 1, Eagle & Hawk, Billy Joe Green, Spirit of the Nations, Cal Richard, Rayne DeLaronde, Edward Gamblin, Kimberley Dawn, Little Hawk, Longhouse, and Sierra Noble. (see below for details)

“Everyone at MARIA is excited about these nominations,” says Errol Ranville, director of MARIA’s Aboriginal Music Program. “Aboriginal music is a growing force in the music industry and it is extremely rewarding to see our home-grown talent recognized on an international stage. These artists are part of Manitoba’s natural resource, and we’ve been working with many of them for quite some time to help them in developing their careers. I wish them all the best of luck at the awards show.”

MARIA’s Aboriginal Music Program is designed to develop the Aboriginal music community in Manitoba, thereby creating sustainable careers for Aboriginal people in Manitoba’s music industry. Seven of this year’s ISMA nominees were featured on the Aboriginal Music Program’s Manitoba Aboriginal Artists compilation CD last year, one of the program’s signature projects. The Aboriginal Music Program provides guidance on deadlines and contact info as well as submission procedures for international events like ISMA.

Manitoba Nominees for the 2005 Indian Summer Music Awards

Alternative Rock
Burnt – Project 1 – Hometown
Eagle & Hawk – The Red

Billy Joe Green - Muskrat Blues and Rock & Roll

Classic Rock
Billy Joe Green – Muskrat Blues and Rock & Roll

Contemporary Instrumental
Spirit of the Nations – Spirit of the Nations

Cal Richard – Family Tree
Rayne Delaronde – Rayne
Edward Gamblin – Survivor’s Voice

Native Spirit
Little Hawk – 1492-1975
Longhouse – Enchanted
Sierra Noble – Spirit of the Strings

Kimberley Dawn – Healing Jane

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