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If you're one of the millions of people tuning into hit Fox tv show Prison Break, you'll be hearing some Manitoba music. Balanced Records' artists Kasm & Brace's track, appropriately titled "Breaking Out," will be featured in an action-packed sequence in the next episode of the "the most daring new series of the fall season" on Monday, October 31 at 8pm CST.

Originally released in 2001 on Northern Faction 1, "Breaking Out" can be previewed at electronic music label Balanced Record's music page According to Balanced Records' co-founder Adam Hannibal - aka Kasm - Prison Break's music supervisor "stumbled" across the track, likely on iTunes while searchings for tracks with "break" in the title. The music supervisor liked the track enough to feature it and request all of the local independent label's catalogue, which includes Solidaze, Spencer K aka The Seed Organization, Sohcahtoa, Fascade@137db, and Equanim.

"In terms of any effect, it's a bit early to tell but we've always felt our music was particularly suited for film and tv accompaniment," says Hannibal (pictured left). "Our music is mostly instrumental and often quite spacious and atmospheric within the melodies while having prominent, up-front rhythms. I think this leaves a lot of room for narratives to be built on top. Having this level of exposure won't change the type of music we make, hopefully it will just lead to a greater recognition of our artists and their work."

Starting out his career in electronic music as DJ Pico (pie-ko) in 1995, Kasm has covered the spectrum of breakbeat influenced electronica spinning drum n bass, downtempo, dub and broken beat styles. Kasm is one half of the six-year-old radio show Quadrafunk on CKUW 95.9 FM (Fridays, 9-10:30pm). 2004 DMC Canadian champ DJ Brace can also be found on campus radio. His show Keep It Surreal has been airing Thursdays from 2 to 4pm on 101.5 UMFM since 2000.

Kasm & Brace aren't the first local acts making it to primetime in the last year. In January, singer/songwriter Jaylene Johnson had two tracks featured on CBS drama Joan of Arcadia. Mia Kulba has had four tracks place this year, include Queer as Folk and Falcon Ridge while pop outfit Paper Moon has been heard on Canadian show Robson Arms and the Todd Hunter Band recently licensed one of its tracks for CTV movie Playing House. With Falcon Ridge in particular actively searching for Manitoba music, there could be a plethora of local acts making it onto the tube in the coming year.

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