Paris To Kyiv Feature on National Broadcast

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Just in time for Ukrainian Christmas, listeners across Canada have an opportunity to listen to a live recording of one of this country's foremost purveyors of Ukrainian and world music. On January 6, CBC Radio Two's The World In Performance will air a live performance of Paris To Kyiv's recent acclaimed concert at the West End Cultural Centre.

The last performance in Paris To Kyiv's successful tour of eastern and northern Canada, the November 4 concert was the hometown launch of the acts's fourth recording, Fragmenti. The live stream of the broadcast will at 8pm EST and also at 8pm in each time zone across the country (except Newfoundland, where it will air at 8:30pm).

The broadcast is a unique opportunity for listeners to witness some of the most unique world music coming out of Canada today. Led by local singer and culture-maker Alexis Kochan, Paris To Kyiv has been at the forefront of the world music scene since its debut release Czarina in 1984. Kochan has created a different atmosphere on each recording, featuring a collective of different musicians - from violist Richard Moody to Ukrainian musician Petro Lurashchuk - on each.

“I’m not really interested in doing a bunch of recordings about me but rather a bunch of recordings about the reflections of other artists about this music that I’m digging up,” said Kochan in a recent interview with Mike Warkentin for MARIA's fall newsletter. “So every single project has a different grouping of artists or collaborators or musicians, and they’re all really unique kind of dudes.” Fragmenti has been hailed by critics as one of Paris To Kyiv's strongest efforts, making numerous appearances on Top 10 lists for 2005. The album blends Kochan's take on ancient Ukrainian melodies and lyrics mixed with latin rhythms, touches of jazz, and even Asian influences.

Catch Paris To Kyiv's performance on January 6 at 8pm EST on CBC Radio 2.

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