Local Labels Head to France

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Winter may be warmer than usual right now, but it's nowhere near as nice as the palm trees of Cannes, France. Representatives from Smallman Records, Arbor Records, Balanced Records, C12 Records, Rising Sun Productions and Olesia Records are enjoying the French coast while creating and solidifying new business opportunities. For the 40th year, Cannes plays host to the world’s largest international music market, MIDEM, where about 10,000 music professionals from across the globe converge, network, do business and attend daily conferences. And if the Manitoban delegation wants to get a good night’s sleep, it might want to skip out on MIDEM’s non-stop tradeshow and impressive concerts.

The sheer number of music-related people and businesses in attendance is can be an overwhelming element of MIDEM, but many of this year’s Manitoban participants are experiencing MIDEM for the second or third time. This allows such labels as Smallman to maximize developing business relationships by meeting many of their international contacts in person after extensive electronic dealings. MIDEM has proved key to Manitoba labels in continuing to export local music beyond our Canadian borders to countries like Australia, Germany, and Japan.

For the first time ever, a local act will be showcasing at MIDEM. Eagle & Hawk, which features Vince Fontaine from Rising Sun Productions, will have the opportunity to perform in front of international industry and talent buyers.

Funding for attendance at MIDEM came through Manitoba Trade and Investment, which has allowed for smaller Manitoban business to strengthen our province’s visibility in an international market, which undoubtedly will be felt by the local music industry for years to come. Manitoba is already known for its disproportionate number of incredibly talents musicians and with the impressive local participation in Cannes, the opportunities are boundless.

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