Fresh I.E. Heads to Grammy Awards

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Prominent local hip-hop artist Fresh I.E. is headed to Los Angeles to attend the 28th Annual Grammy Awards this week. Fresh I.E., a.k.a. Rob Wilson, is up for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album for his acclaimed album Truth Is Fallin' In Tha Streetz. This is his second nomination in two years. His album Red Letterz was up for the same award two years ago.

A 15-year veteran of the hip-hop scene, this is Fresh I.E.’s fifth album. The album was released by New Mexico-based label SOAR (Sound of America Records). Fresh I.E. is no stranger to awards, with a 2005 Juno Award nomination for Red Letterz as well as Vibe and Covenant Awards. The rapper is also well-known for his inspiring work with youth.

Winnipeg Mayor, Sam Katz, held a special press conference on February 6 as an ethusiastic send-off for one of Manitoba's brightest stars. Fresh I.E. is Manitoba's only artist to receive Grammy nominations for two consecutive albums.

The rapper held The 48th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 8, 2006 in Los Angeles and once again will be broadcast live in an international broadcast watched by millions.

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