Inward Eye Tours with The Who

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Hometown rock act Inward Eye will be hitting the road with The Who early next month, making the trio of brothers the second eye-related Manitoba act to open for the legendary band. The Waking Eyes were part of Hyde Park Calling on July 2 in the UK, sharing the stage with The Who.

According to Inward Eyes' manager Glen Willows, of Burning Circus Management, the show's promoter caught the band play a few months ago, loved the music and put the name forward to The Who's label and management. Inward Eye will hit the MTS Centre stage with The Who on October 3 and then head on to do shows in Calgary and Edmonton.

"They will be playing with one of their main influences," says Willows of the tour. "Anders the drummer said one of the most exciting things was just to see three Who shows in a row."

This isn't the first big news for the young band. Back in November, Inward Eye inked a deal with a major American record label, New York label J Records, a subsidiary of SonyBMG run by Clive Davis who is famed for discovering the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd. The band joined an impressive roster that includes Pearl Jam, Santana, Annie Lennox, and Billy Joel. The band has been surrounded by a mammoth buzz for well over a year with interest from five different major U.S. labels.

Formed in 2000, the Erickson brothers began performing in local clubs while still in their teens. Bassist Dave is the eldest at 22. Guitarist Kyle is 20 and drummer Anders is 18. The trio hooked up with Ontario management company Coalition Entertainment - home to local acts The Waking Eyes and Hurst - which led to showcase gigs in New York and the J Records signing.

Inward Eye has spent the last several months strengthening its live show chops and building its audience in the coming year without rushing to record like many new label signings. The brothers continue to write for a debut album which has a projected release in early 2007.

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