J.P. Hoe Hits the Road with Jann Arden

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Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter J.P. Hoe is looking forward to the end of winter way more than you are but it's probably not for the reason you think. Hoe is hitting the road and heading cross-country with Canadian superstar Jann Arden this spring, starting in the Maritimes.

In a brief release on his MySpace page, Hoe asserts about the opening act gig: "It will be a slight change of venues then what I'm used to (read that line very dryly), and playing the MTS Center in my hometown of Winnipeg is the 'coup de gras.'"

Hoe's catchy tunes should feel right at home in theatres and arenas with Jann Arden, who's known for blending pop, folk, country and rock together into a popular package. Like Arden, Hoe is also known for his wickedly humourous on-stage banter.

Over the past four years, Hoe has toured the U.S. and Canada relentlessly, including high profile venues in Nashville, New York, and Austin. His latest release The Live Beta Project, has received heavy rotation on both commercial and independent radio.

Check out Hoe's track "Lady Bliss" in MARIA's streaming radio HERE.

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