The Duhks Land New Vocals

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Grammy-nominated neo-Celtic quintet  The Duhks have landed a new vocalist, it was announced today. While lead singer Jessee Havey takes an extended leave, Winnipegger Sarah Dugas will step in front of the mic.

Dugas is a well-known local singer, formerly of funk outfit Rudimental and currently of award-winning world music act Madrigaia. Her brother, percussionist Christian Dugas, was in Duhks frontman's Leonard Podolak's previous band, Scruj MacDuhk.

Havey will perform one last show with the band at Live Oak March 23-25 in Florida before moving on to pursue other endeavours. Dugas will join the band for the remainder of the summer tour. The Duhks will take some time looking for a permanent replacement .

The Duhks were recently nominated for a Grammy Award. The band's latest CD, Migrations, is also up for a 2007 Juno Award.

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