October 17 Officially Proclaimed Manitoba Film and Music Week

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It has been 20 years since MANITOBA FILM & SOUND, MARIA, and the Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Association (MMPIA) were established. Since then, the Manitoba film and music industries have seen dramatic growth and significant accomplishments, making Manitoba a true artistic destination on the world stage. These developments are due in large part to the existence of each of these three organizations, which have been instrumental in the continued success of our arts industry on the local, national, and international fronts.

In recognition of this outstanding achievement and success Eric Robinson, Minister of Culture Heritage and Tourism has proclaimed the week of October 1 to 7, 2007 as Manitoba Film and Music Week.

Manitoba’s film and sound recording industries significantly contribute to the Province’s unique cultural identity, quality of life and economic vitality in a manner the people of Manitoba can appreciate and enjoy with great pride.

"Success doesn't happen overnight and, in the case of MANITOBA FILM & SOUND at least, it doesn't happen as a result of the efforts of any one person," says Carole Vivier, CEO and Film Commissioner of MANITOBA FILM & SOUND. "The 20 years of success, currently being celebrated by the Manitoba film and music industry, owes much to a large group of passionate and talented individuals: past and present MANITOBA FILM & SOUND staff and board members, government officials, and an extraordinary collection of musicians and filmmakers. It also owes a great debt to the ongoing support of the people of Manitoba. Together, we have made this province home to an exciting and vibrant arts community."

"The Manitoba music industry is known internationally as a hotbed for incredible music, and since 1987 MARIA has been proud to support this community of extraordinary artists, labels, agents, managers, producers and others whose talents know no bounds. Music makes an impact here, economically, socially and culturally, and it is part of what makes Manitoba great. The next two decades will bring changes we can barely imagine, and MARIA will be there every step of the way. Thanks to our members, staff and board for 20 years of incredible work and amazing music," says Sam Baardman, Executive Director of MARIA

"Manitoba's motion picture industry has reached a new height of success. It’s great time to be celebrating our first 20 years with the advancements in the scope of productions, artistic achievement, economic impact and technological changes in our industry," says Tara Walker, Executive Director of MMPIA, "We are proud of the community our members have built and we support them in continuing to build their careers and businesses here in Manitoba! With an amazing staff, a dedicated board of directors and the support of our funders, we will continue to foster the development and growth of the entire industry."

Axium and MTS, which co-sponsored the Celebrating 20 campaign, are equally proud of the Manitoba film and music community.

“Congratulations on your 20 years of supporting the film industry! Axium is always happy to support you in all of your endeavors," says John Gaskin, VP Operations - Axium Canada

“MTS is proud to support this 20 year celebration for MMPIA, MANITOBA FILM & SOUND and MARIA - three organizations that have been key to the success of our province’s film and music industry,” said Kelvin Shepherd, President, Consumer Markets, MTS Allstream Inc. “Manitoba is rich with talent and we applaud their efforts which have fostered the industry’s growth and put Manitoba on the entertainment map.”

The film and music communities will come together on October 5 at a special celebration at the Pyramid Cabaret, presented by Canwest Global. The event, which is open to the public, features performances by some of Manitoba's top acts including Nathan, Inward Eye, Tele, and J.P. Hoe as well as a screening of exciting moments in Manitoba film. Tickets are $10 at the door and free for both MMPIA and MARIA members.

For more information about the Celebrating 20 campaign visit www.celebrating20.com

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