Manitoba Arts & Culture Week

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Manitoba Arts & Culture Week is a celebration of the “good life” enriched by the many and diverse arts and cultural opportunities accessible to Manitobans. Join the free-for-all with pride and attract new audiences, volunteers and patrons on the lookout for the unique and creative.

“The quality of life is determined by its activities.” Aristotle

All arts and cultural events scheduled around the March 8-15, 2008 can be designated as Arts & Culture Week events. To increase traffic and visibility of your organization’s events, post them for free on the Manitoba Arts & Culture website. And, to raise the profile of your events, include the Manitoba Arts & Culture Week logo in your promotions, available at or email the Manitoba Arts Network at

Show your interest in the 2008 Manitoba Arts & Culture Week by completing a short survey. Everyone responding enters a draw December 1st for a pair of tickets to a Manitoba Moose hockey game in the 2007/08 season!

The Manitoba Arts Network will support Manitoba Arts & Culture Week by:
o Showcasing your activities at the new website:
o Distributing promotional materials
o Promoting Arts & Culture Week to communities beyond Winnipeg
o Supporting Arts & Culture Week among youth through schools with the assistance of Manitoba Citizenship and Education.
o Launching a media campaign

More participation by organizations in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba will increase resources available to connect with the public during Manitoba Arts & Culture Week. Consider contributing your organization’s voice and creativity to Manitoba Arts & Culture Week!

Manitoba Arts & Culture Week is endorsed by provincial arts organizations and was officially declared by Minister Robinson.

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