Rossellini to Narrate Madden's Brain

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Isabella Rossellini, famed Italian actress and director, will be narrating Guy Maddin’s latest silent film, Brand upon the Brain, at this year’s WSO’s New Music Festival in February.

Maddin wrote this film to be accompanied by a live orchestra with a narrator, hence the lack of voice-over and musical score.

Rosselllini and Maddin have worked together on projects in the past, namely her film, My Dad is 100 Years Old, as well as his infamous The Saddest Music in the World.

Other highlights for this festival include the premier of Symphony No. 3., by Winnipeg composer and pianist Glenn Buhr, featuring Toronto’s Sarah Slean. Jesse Zubot, formerly of Zubot and Dawson, will also be performing a concerto he has written, featuring improvised violin.

The festival has recently received a boost in funding from surgical imaging company IMRIS, who have pledged to contribute $150,000 annually for the next four years. The festival has had trouble in the past with funding as a result of the federal legislation ban on cigarette advertising.

The New Music Festival runs Feb. 2-8 in Winnipeg.

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