The Small Hours To Host Eco-Friendly US Tour

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”Motorized vehicles in the United States represent approximately 25% of the country’s CO2 emissions, a figure that is rapidly rising despite recently raised awareness. A typical car can produce up to twice its weight in Carbon emission in only a year.”

With C02 emissions rising to alarming levels, The Small Hours are cleaning up their act. The Small Hours plan to offset all of their C02 emissions for their 2008 US Tour, taking a greener approach to life on the road.

The Small Hours have formed an alliance with Smith Electrical Vehicles, who will be donating their transportation for the tour. Smith Electrical Vehicles will be providing a vehicle which emits zero pollutants, made out of entirely recyclable materials.

Also working with The Small Hours is Terrapass, an organization that finances clean and efficient energy sources, such as wind farms. They will be financially contributing for every kilowatt of electricity, drop of fuel and therm of natural gas used on the tour. 

Scandinavian-style home furnishers IKEA, as well as American Forests, are helping out by donating 100% of all proceeds from their Green Merchandise line, which will be sold at shows, as well as online. The intention for this initiative is to plant one tree for every fan in attendance which will, in turn, reduce the C02 emissions.

Even ticket sales will support the cause, being sold on a per-car basis, encouraging the reduction of energy by car pooling. The cost of a ticket would be divided between the number of people in a vehicle.

The Green Guide, an organization that promotes an eco-friendly concert environment, has these helpful hints to reduce waste in your area.

• Ask venues to recycle and reusable utensils and begin recycling programs
• Carpool, ride a bikes or take public transportation to events
• Buy organic cotton or hemp t-shirts where available
• Take the message home with you and pass it on to your friends

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