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Alright, so music happens every night. So this weekly feature is expanding to include all the other days you can head out to your favourite local venue and catch a great local act...

Pure Karma, The Ruffigans @ Academy Food, Drinks & Music   
Don Amero, Jerry Sereda @ King's Head Pub
Jodie Borle @ Shannon's Irish Pub
Ash Koley, The Papsmears @ The Zoo - Osborne Village
Kerri Woelke, Michael Peters, Vanessa Kuzina, Allison de Groot @ Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club
Martyn Joseph @ West End Cultural Centre
South ThunderBird @ Windsor Hotel (Thu, Fri, Sat)

DJ Co-Wrekt, DJ DLO, DJ Grant Paley @ Academy Food, Drinks & Music   
Canadian Jazz Concerts Series 2007-2008: Darren Sigesmund Quintet @ Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain
Jacob and Lily @ Downtown Biz (noon)
Don Amero @ Lady of the Lake Shop, Cafe and Pub (Brandon)
THE SEARCH FOR RA NRG: Born of Fire, Pink Flamingos, The Experiences, The Vre @ Pyramid Cabaret
Kathy Kennedy @ Regal Beagle (Fri, Sat)
Ann Walton @ The Folk Exchange
Chaos Forge, Lucid, Suiciety, Wear Your Wounds @ The Zoo - Osborne Village
The English Moccasins, The Wind-Ups @ Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club
CD RELEASE: Alan Gillies @ Wild Side

Krisco, Nathan Zahn @ Academy Food, Drinks & Music
Mayor Matt Allen & The Little Buddies @ Hooligan's
Domenica, Devoid, Double Trouble, Tinnitus @ Ozzy's
THE SEARCH FOR RA NRG: Malcolm's X, Race Car, The Ex-Girlfriends @ Pyramid Cabaret
The Gorgon CD Release Party @ Royal Albert Arms
The Hazy Pilgrims @ Shannon's Irish Pub
Not In Service @ Silver Heights Restaurant and Lounge
Coda @ The O.C.
The Best of Band Quest: Dry Run, Jarhead, Menopause, Odin’s Templar @ The Zoo - Osborne Village
Poor Choices, The Wind-Ups @ Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club
Lovechild Monarchy, The Experiences @ West End Cultural Centre

Neal Pinto @ Shannon's Irish Pub
Blues Jam with Big Dave McLean @ Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club

Open Mic with Tim Butler @ Academy Food, Drinks & Music
Scott Place @ Dylan O'Connor's
Down Town Coffee Ground (monthly coffeehouse) @ Red Road Lodge
Ill Scarlett, Protest the Hero, Silverstein @ Pyramid Cabaret

Ministers of Cool @ Academy Food, Drinks & Music   
Michael Peters @ Shannon's Irish Pub

Katelyn Dawn @ Dylan O'Connor's
Darren Lavallee @ Jaguars
Sounding Board Open Mic @ The Lounge of Charlie O & Friends
The Swag @ Yellow Dog Tavern

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