Local Artists Get "Nottie"

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Burning Circus Management announced today that award-winning songwriter/producer Phil Deschambault and singer Ash Koley will have two of their songs, "Mary the Inventor" and "Devil's Dance Floor," featured in the upcoming independent feature film The Hottie & the Nottie starring Paris Hilton.
"It really is an incredible opportunity to have the music that we've worked so hard on get this kind of exposure," said Koley in a press release from management. "Phil and I are so proud of the songs, so to have them in a movie that's going to get a ton of publicity is just unbelievable."
In addition to the songs in The Hottie & the Nottie, Deschambault will also have his original composition "You Should Be Gone" featured in the soon-to-be released major motion picture The Year Of Getting To Know Us starring Lucy Liu and Jimmy Fallon, which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.
It's been a busy couple of years for the prolific duo, who have been working with Chris Violette, the music supervisor and CEO of Second Spring Music Publishing; an independent Los Angeles-based company engaged in the business of acquiring, managing, and marketing musical copyrights. 
Phil Deschambault is currently fielding offers from three major publishing companies, while Koley has been busy talking to record labels in North America and Europe that have expressed serious interest in having her on their roster as a recording artist.
Burning Circus Management is a Winnipeg-based music management company headed by former Harlequin guitar player Glen Willows. BCM artists include Inward Eye, who are signed to an international recording contract with Clive Davis' label J Records, Ash Koley and Mad Young Darlings. Willows was also instrumental in the development of well known Winnipeg acts such as McMaster & James and Remy Shand.

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