All's not Fair in Love and Trade

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February 14 is not only St. Valentines Day, in Manitoba this year, this day marks the beginning of the Fair Trade Manitoba One-month Challenge.

The Challenge is to support local vendors (pdf) that offer certified Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and tea.

As an industry that is often fighting for the rights of it's workers and creators we can surely sympathize with workers in the agrifoods sector who are so often exploited so that we can have our morning Grande Latte at a competitive price.

Several of our friends in the music community in Winnipeg have signed on, including the West End Cultural Centre, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

The notion of Fair Trade music, in the very direct sense of paying musicians in the developing world a fair price for music that can be exported to international listeners, has also been taken up by companies like Calabash Music and The Fair Trade Music Network. Here is an insightful examination of the Calabash approach.


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