Co-Working Works for Urban Independents

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The New York Times recently explored a new trend among trendy freelancers and artsy entrepreneurs. "Co-working" is based on the simple idea that even independent workers would don't mind having a little office camaraderie. With laptops, wi-fi, and cell phones, workers congregate in an office or shared workspace, either renting a desk or camping out on whatever free space is available.

Co-working offers freelancers the chance to bounce ideas off one another, benefit from the incubator effect of an office environment, and have daily social interactions as they work.

The New York Times highlighted several different versions of the practice, including The Hat Factory and Citizen Space in San Fransisco. Other structured co-working outfits exist in Manhattan, Denver, Paris, and Toronto. Certainly the Manitoba Music Industry Resource Centre in our office has some of the same appeal. Plus, Dawn will catch you up on the latest celebrity gossip.

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