RCMP Busts Pirates

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The RCMP have shut down an alleged music piracy ring, perhaps the biggest in Canadian history, in Winnipeg today following a year-long investigation by the
Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA). Police have filed criminal charges against four people from Audiomaxxx.com Ltd. and seized more than 200,000 music CDs and DVDs.

A breaking story can be found on CRIA's website:

Audiomaxxx's alleged piracy affects not just famous artists, but also new
and independent artists - largely in the reggae, soca and hip-hop community -
who are struggling to build careers. For example, Vancouver's Utopia Records,
one of the many independent labels to voice concerns, has seen new artist
albums appear on the Audiomaxxx website on the day an album is released in
stores or even before the legitimate launch date.

"The harm done by music piracy is especially troubling when it undermines
a promising artist's burgeoning career," Henderson said. "We will continue to
work with police and lawmakers to give these artists, and the organizations
behind them, the opportunity to succeed."


UPDATE: CRIA has retracted its previous news release and said...

In the CRIA media release of March 6, it was erroneously reported that RCMP had filed criminal charges against four people in connection with the RCMP investigation into Audiomaxxx.com Ltd. CRIA has received information that no one has been charged with an offence in respect of this matter.

In the same media release, it was also reported that Raj Singh Ramgotra was among those arrested. CRIA cannot confirm the identities of any of those arrested and therefore retracts its statement to the effect that Mr. Ramgotra was arrested. CRIA regrets the error.


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