Ruffled panties and MEN Deejay’s!?

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Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratch, that open acts so freakin’ wak! (That’s a good thing in my books). Tandem opened for MEN Saturday night at Desire. Rumor has it that this local act formed a few months ago after riding a tandem bicycle inspired a tandem bike-rap!? The rest is history...That’s the word on the Winnipeg street anyway!? If you’re looking for a new band that’s... "a little different"...I highly suggest this one! How do I describe this duo? I don’t know where to start really? Think Dolly Parton meets, The Trailer Park Boys! That sounds like an exaggeration but it’s not.. picture a female drummer with a fake mustache wearing a brunette curly haired mullet wig (business in the front party in the back). Nice! Her shrunken tank and tight cut off gene shorts deliberately showed off her belly button! Hilarious! This gal knows the trailer trash look and was rockin’ it hard on the drums. (I’m totally calling Bubbles tonight to try and get her a gig on TTPB)! The other half of this two piece band was up in front with the lead vocals. She wore a two foot tall blond beehive wig with a purple sequenced headdress and that’s not even the best part of her ensemble!? This brave soul wore pink ballet tights underneath ruffled panties! Wow! That takes guts! (If anyone knows where can a get me a pair of those do tell)? This courageous "blond" played the accordion and it suitably looked like an extra accent to her quirky outfit. I liked that this theatrical band didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously and got on stage to just play and have a great time. Tandem’s sense of humor splashed out onto the crowd and they preformed with an outstanding-oddball-freshness. I’m pretty sure I heard a B-52's cover near the end of their set and the rest could be over-viewed as having a curios/quaintness kind of sound. If Tandem doesn’t scratch your itch for something original I don’t know what will!?

The cluster of hipsters tied up their "cooler shoes" and fixed their "cooler dos" before dancing up a sweaty storm to MEN! JD Samson and JO Fateman of Le Tigre seem to have a side project that’s a big hit with scenesters! The two DJ’s wearing matching yellow t-shirts were extremely focused on their Mac computers and this new endeavor. It was impossible to be in this bar and not be on the dance floor! Everyone was pulling out the old dance moves like, The Running Man and The Robot (not that I was doing that)!? It was contagious fun! Even JD and JO would bust a move every once in a while after taking a glance at all the movers and shakers! Desire’s smoke machines didn’t skip a beat either while turning on and off at the peak of this dance-a-thon. (Fog machines make me smile...can anyone say Wheelies)! There was also a mini laser show which sacred me a one point (I had rave flash backs)... I was worried that I would see glow sticks and baby soothers but luckily those days are over! The songs chosen by MEN for the evenings mix varied in genre. Classics spun like, "Let's Hear It For The Boy" from Footloose (I just want to take a moment here to give Kevin Bacon a shout out... word). Other song highlights included, Sir Mix-A-Lot ("Baby Got Back"), Blur ("Girls and Boys"...not a surprising pick) and some old Madonna (again not at all out of the blue... it’s a gay bar of course the "diva-donna" is a must right)!? Following this, MEN gave everyone under the disco ball a taste of some newer upbeat bands like, The Gossip (but remixed songs, which I love). Moreover, I think Winnipeg is lucky to have a gay club that is straight friendly! A good time to be had by all... GT’s! As for the headliner at Saturday nights boogie-fest, MEN made everyone dance till the walls were perspiring!

Here’s a link to a YouTube video that is similar to Saturday nights extravaganza in Winnipeg:

Also, The Gossip video for "Listen Up!":


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