Music Eh? eMusic launches in Canada

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The digital music subscription service eMusic has launched a Canadian site. The company has been around for a while, and unlike the iTunes store which wouldn't work for Canadian customers until they launched their Canadian version, I had a functioning account on the American eMusic site than a year ago.

But, with Arts & Crafts and Paper Bag Recordings showing up under the feature labels banner and City and Colour and Jason Collett appearing on the front page, the Canadian site definitely has a Canadian flavour.

The concept of the site is a bit of a hybrid, part digital download store, part subscription service. Unlike streaming audio subscription sites, eMusic sells downloads, but customers have to commit by keeping their subscription active. It reminds me a bit of the Columbia House Record Club in that way. (For those of you under 30, never mind.)

You can browse eMusic Canada's content and see if you feel, as I did when I had a subscription, that offerings are sometimes inexplicably spotty. I'm sure that they've added tons of content since I last visited.

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