Let's discuss grants. wanna?

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Hey manitobamusic.com blog readers. 

This is my first blog entry here and I'm not exactly a journalist so go easy, kay? 

I've been playing and enjoying music in Winnipeg for what feels like a long time now and have only ever written a couple grants... and never successfully.  I've sat on a panel once for a demo grant.  That was pretty weird.

I know some people who write grants all the time, for everything and anything they can get.  I don't know what all grants are available out there but wanted to start up a discussion on grants and people's experiences with them.

I wanted to get people's opinions of how or if they've adapted to the new music scene.  I know that I would never apply for a demo grant nowadays for example.  Back in the day I suppose it made sense...

Recording is more accessible now than it ever was but it's still not for everyone.  Not everyone is comfortable with a computer.  There are still recording grants, no? 

And touring grants, and mixed media grants... video grants?  c'mon.  pipe in.

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