Video killed...the video star?

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Remember when music stations used to play umm I videos!? Man, that used to be a shoo-in to the end of channel surfing. Nowadays whenever I do by chance, manage to, once in a blue moon see an actual video I’m (generally speaking) so disappointed/annoyed. I’m frustrated at the cliche on goings of a stereotypical video of "today." Here’s some of the things I’m sick of seeing in videos...maybe you can relate?

-Bling (especially bling in the shape of the sign of the cross..its been done ok...even Jesus wants a new fad).
-Fancy cars (even the one’s with hydraulics).
-Half naked girls.
-Half naked guys (’s true...even this I’m tired of).
-Grills for teeth.
-Naked girls (arg!).
-Girl dance possy with lots of hair flinging.
-Boy dance possy trying to be really tough but really they’re dancing like little girls.
-Wind machines.
-Overly, purposefully, cornball-esk-ness.

These are just a couple of "music-vid-musts" that bore me to pieces. More specifically, if I have to see Mariah Carey’s lingerie in a video one more time I’m gonna scream! Not to mention the fact that she’s singing lyrics like "touch my body." What the crap is Carey’s problem? She has opera style ability but every once in a while it’s as if she feels the need to dumb it down so low. So low that I fear the lowest common denominator she’s trying to reach out to is a drooling sac of catatonic potatoes! And Madonna, obviously street smart, clearly business smart, and I truly believe that there is a method to her madness, a craft in each step/move she makes...Yet why...why does she still feel the need to roll around on the ground and show everyone that she can like put one leg behind her head or something ridiculous like that!? Stop it already! You do yoga or pilates or whatever you’re flexible...we get it!

The video world continually trying to shock and sell the world some sex has made me become so yawningly desensitized to video upon video that seems one in the same. (I guess things like shock-sex is "hot")? In my opinion (aside from shows like The Wedge) I’m really not seeing a lot of decent video flow. I don’t really know anyone anymore who say’s things like "I want my MTV" because oh snap, lookie-lookie, surprise-surprise...The O.C. is on again!

Sam Roberts always makes an interesting video. He keeps his clothes on and never wears any oversized mountain on a string ice. Good Canadian boy eh!

P.S. Have you ever wondered who picks the videos to air on for example, MuchMusic? Well according to the Much website FAQs,

"We have a music committee made up of MuchMusic programmers and producers who meet on Tuesdays and screen new videos all day. Then they decide who makes the cut."

"We judge videos on the quality of the song, quality of the video, as well as the song's airplay stats and the album's sales. We pick what's hot and pass on what's not." - Senior Music Programmer Craig Halket."

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