Digital Comic Chronicles Fight for Fair Copyright

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A new digital comic book brings the debate over Canadian copyright reform into full half-toned colour. Produced by the Appropriation Art Coalition , "51st State" is a 9 pages of opinions and rebuttals from the likes of Charlie Angus, Stephen Page, Michael Geist, David Emerson, and Stephen Harper. 
51st State is an ironic chronicle of the fight to maintain Freedom of Expression in Canada. 51st State is a clickable comic book. It links to 193 websites, blogs, films and papers and articles.

The comic is a true work of appropriation. All text is and source imagery was grabbed from the internet.
The Appropriation Art Coalition claims to reflect a broad spectrum of Canada’s art community, but focuses on art practices and affiliated disciplines where appropriation of existing work is involved. The comic takes a definite side in this debate, but also provides a pretty good overview of the events leading up to the introduction of the new copyright reform legislation earlier this year.

For best results download (PDF 2.8 mb) to your hard drive and then click links.


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