Bands Sells "Naming" Rights to Fund New CD

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An indie rock band from Tempe Arizona has come up with a scheme for enticing private investment in their next recording project. They will place the names of donors into the newly recorded songs.
Our fans have been asking more and more frequently about when we're going to record our next album. The problem has not been a lack of songs - we have enough songs to record two new albums. We simply haven't been able to afford to stop touring and record it. Finally, something had to be done. This was our solution. - guitarist Josh "The J" Key
From July 14th through September 30th, Psychostick will be accepting the $50 donations (limited to only 380) through their website. Businesses will have the opportunity to name drop in one of only 20 places for $250. In addition to the name use, every donor will receive a signed copy of the new album and a signed poster.

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