It Ain't Easy Being Green

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First off, yes. The blog title? Groan. Nextly... folk/rocker Jack Johnson, his indie label, and mellow green crusade.

Johnson, whose latest album has sold over 2 million copies, not only holds his label, studio and tours to high environmental standards, he also encourages those he works with (like big boy Universal) to be more responsible, including the artists on his roster. According to an article on

Additional actions taken by Brushfire tours will include fueling tour vehicles with sustainable biodiesel, offering eco-friendly merchandise, working with venues to create waste management programs, onsite recycling and encouraging fans to use alternative transportation.

Back at home, Brushfire has adopted a similar strategy. All the power for the recording studios and the offices is generated by solar panels. Insulation is supplied by cotton from scraps of blue jeans. Energy-efficient lighting runs throughout the building. Second-hand furniture is all you will find in its offices.

The music industry is based on the creation of products (even digital music uses power) and travel. Meanwhile, there are plenty of music folks who are trying to do something to make the industry just a little less like a gluttonous monster. For exmaple, The Duhks have a separate website dedicated to green stuff, saying in their mission:

Our goal is to tour as sustainably as possible; fueling our vehicle with Biodiesel, supporting local organic farmers wherever we go, wearing sustainable eco-conscious clothing, recycling, using earth-friendly shampoos, soaps and cosmetics and offsetting remaining CO2 emissions with carbon credits.
Sadly, I have written this after eating a wastefully-packaged, pre-fabricated lunch. My hypocrisy is impressive, even to me.

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