CBC Radio 2 (still) not a Commercial Radio Format

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In an article in the Globe and Mail this weekend, Robert Everett-Green challenges the notion that a CBC Radio 2 with less classical music is by default more commercial. As someone who craves to hear more independent Canadian music on the national network, I found much of his argument to be extremely cogent.
There's a whole galaxy of significant non-classical Canadian musicians who get no airplay on private radio in Canada. Commercial stations aren't investing any time in the music of distinctive performers such as the New Pornographers, Chad VanGaalen, the Telepathic Butterflies, Final Fantasy, Wolf Parade or Kyrie Kristmanson. All of these people would suit the new prime-time evening program, Canada Live; on the late-evening show, The Signal; and probably on the forthcoming drive-home show hosted by rapper Buck 65.
The CBC has taken a lot of flack from the classical music community and classical music fans for shifting gears at the network. R.E.G. does a nice job of explaining that light classical music has little or nothing to with Canadian cultural heritage or diversity. Clearly, patrons of the light classics should be looking to stations like Toronto's Classical 96.3FM. Meanwhile, CBC Radio 2 should focus on the music of Canadians, whether it's independent pop, hip hop, and roots music, or contemporary concert music, jazz, improvised music, and the avante garde.

Another great move, I think, would be to get CBC Radio 3 on the air. I know, terrestrial radio is dieing and CBC Radio 3 is online and on satellite radio. What can I say, as you probably already know, I still buy CDs, and know you know that I still listen to the radio.

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