CD Baby gets new Parent in Disc Makers

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Disc Makers has acquired CD Baby, the independent online music seller, following a 7-year close strategic partnership between the two companies. CD Baby enables independent musicians to sell their music in both physical (CD) and digital (download) format through its online store The Portland, Oregon-based company is the largest seller of independent music in the country, working with over 240,000 artists worldwide, and its online music store receives over 100,000 visitors each day. With over 2 million digitized tracks under management, CD Baby is also the largest provider of independent music for Apple iTunes and other digital download sellers like Amazon MP3, Napster, and Rhapsody.

Founder Derek Sivers wrote in his blog: new projects are exciting me so much that I decided to hand over CD Baby to someone that’s going to make it better than ever for you. I chose Disc Makers as the new owner because their president Tony Van Veen has been one of my favorite people for years, and I always felt they'd do a better job of running CD Baby than I would.


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