Introducing Manitoba Music

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Since 1987, the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (MARIA) has developed and promoted Manitoba's artists and industry through its programs and services. The music industry has changed dramatically since 1987 and our new music industry is about much more than just audio recording.

So... after 20 years of operating as MARIA, we're adopting a more inclusive name: Manitoba Music.

Our new name better reflects our talented and diverse membership of artists and industry professionals as well as our comprehensive website: We represent you and you are Manitoba Music.

To bring attention to the name change, we've been running the "Where's Your Music?" campaign. We launched a fun and interactive companion website,, featuring a number of great Manitoba artists' music videos, music (streaming and downloads), photos, and factoids (just a taste of what you can find on

As part of the campaign to celebrate the name change, we're throwing a Where's Your Music? party on August 22 at the Pyramid Cabaret with performances by Novillero, Paper Moon, Flying Fox and the Hunter/Gatherers, and The Beat! DJs. Please join us on August 22 in celebrating Manitoba Music!

Click here to check out great music from some of the bands in the new and improved Manitoba Music Radio.

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