Manitoba Music Radio: New Adds - September 2008

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There are new tracks being added to the streaming Manitoba Music Radio every week. Click here to listen. Check out the 15 great new songs added in September...

Record of the Week Club featuring Patrick Keenan, Ian LaRue, and Jeff Peters – “Waiting for Debates”
Skender Sefa – “Willoughby’s Welcome Home/John Dowland”
Novillero – “A Little Tradition”
J.P. Hoe – “Are You Feeling Better Now”
Doc Walker – “Annabelle”
Blue Sky Addicts – “End of the Beginnings”
The Morning After – “Your Love I Won’t Do”
The Honeybuckets – “How To Win Friends”
Oh My Darling – “Rustabout”
Julie Marinelli – “Campfire Eyes”
Floor Thirteen – “Let It Go”
The Monty Yanks – “Amazed”
Phil Deschambault featuring Ash Koley – ‘Leave the Rest for Dead”
The Liptonians – “Write Your Name in the Sand”
Doug Edmond - "Walking Down That Road"

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