New Company Charts Your Network

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A new company, Network Insights, has just released its second report comparing online audiences to the established Billboard chart. The results, perhaps not surprisingly, indicate a difference between what people doing online and what's getting played on the radio and being sold through traditional means.

Says the Music Industry New Network:

"The second Measuring the Social report proves that across many industries, marketers need to fully understand their online audiences and not just rely on traditional forms of measurement that leave out this massive, influential group of people," said Dan Neely, founder and CEO of Networked Insights. "The way people interact with music now goes far beyond just buying it or listening to it on the radio, and the music industry needs to update the traditional ways they analyze and understand their target audience."

Among other things, the report points out the seven of its top 10 tracks don't event appear on Billboard's top 10. Read more...

Does this surprise anyone? 

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