Freep Sees and Hears

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The Winnipeg Free Press ran an article today detailing a few people and places to watch in the coming year of Manitoba music. Read the article on the Freep website...

Topping the list of artists is rapper/producer and CBC host Wab Kinew, whose debut solo offering, Live by the Drum, comes out on January 24 at the Pyramid.

The article also mentions the West End Cultural Centre, The Lo Pub, The Park Theatre, Ash Koley, DJ Hunnicutt and DJ Co-op, Stephen Hua, and local producers Cam Loepkky and Shawn Dealey, Jack Shapira, Brandon Friesen, John Paul Peters, and Lloyd Peterson.

Manitoba Music's own executive director, Sara Stasiuk, is named a "player" in the article. I'd love to insert some sort of joke about that and the huge picture of her in the paper but she's my boss.

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