Make Obama a Mixtape

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CBC Radio wants to make Barack Obama a mixtape! It's offering Canadians a chance to choose "49 songs from North of the 49th parallel that defines Canada to the new President." (Canada's Wikipedia entry isn't snazzy enough.)

CBC's Denise Donlon (who was totally my favourite Much VJ) says:

“One of the best way to know Canada is through the depth and breadth of our artistic expression,” says Denise Donlon, Executive Director, CBC Radio. “We're excited about the new President and we want him to be excited about us, so we're asking our audience to help compile the list of our most definitive Canadian songs!”
Canadians have until Friday at 8pm ET to submit song choices for the shortlist. On January 12, CBC Radio 2 will reveal a 100-song shortlist which folks can vote on until January 16 at 11pm ET. After that, you'll have to make Obama your own mixtape. 


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