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CKUW 95.9 FM is set to kick off its tenth FUNdrive with one of the best music projects since the Record of the Week Club.

On February 6, the University of Winnipeg's campus/community radio station will release the CKUW Uncovered project, which will feature 10 local artists covering an "inspirational local artist." The CD will feature the covers plus a booklet of photos and notes from the artists.

If you want one, you'll have to pledge to CKUW's FUNdrive, which runs February 6-13.

I spent a few years doing a radio show on CKUW a while back and I can still remember the pledge line's phone number, which I repeated approximately 8 million times: 774-6877. (I typed that in my best radio voice.)

FUNdrive, for the uninitiated, is CKUW's annual week-long fundraising extravaganza. Regular programming is interrupted for mayhem, fun, special giveaways, special guests, and pledging by dedicated listeners (which, in my case, included my mom).

The February 6 kick-off party at the Pyramid will feature some of the CD's artists: featuring CKUW Uncovered artists: Novillero, Oldfolks Home and "extra special secret guests."

Who says pledge drives have to be boring?


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