So bubbeleh, are you coming home for Passover this year?

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Such a simple question - but the answer ain't easy.

This weekend Alix Sobler guest hosts The (204). Over the last five years, Alix has lost touch with her Jewish heritage. She's been living with her Mennonite boyfriend in Winnipeg, Manitoba (or The Middle of Nowhere, according to her family in New York). Now both Passover and that good ol' Jewish guilt are here; and Alix finds herself yearning for family, for Judaism, for her past.

Tune in for a schmeer of comedy, food, plenty of yiddish and a little Klezmer.

Alix reminisces about food:
Like most holidays, food plays a big role in Passover. Noodles with raisins, cow intestines stuffed with potatoes, and fish suspended in a gelatinous goo. It might not sound the tastiest, but Alix will make a case for why you should give gefilte fish a second chance… or first chance.

Plenty of Alix's New York relatives show up too:
Her cousin Rachel won't stop calling, her grandmother shows up (via uncanny impersonation) and the loads of guilt never stops reminding her that family comes first... or does it?

Plus, the music of Winnipeg Klezmer sensations Finjan... and some George Michael, but you have to tune in to see how that even makes sense. It's tortuous to wait, I know.

That's 5-6 pm this Saturday.

Listen to:
The (204) with Wabanakwut Kinew
Saturdays 5-6 p.m. on CBC Radio 1


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