Sierra Noble Opens for Paul McCartney

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Sierra Noble was a bit sad that she'd be missing the Winnipeg Folk Festival this weekend, but she has a pretty good reason. The young singer/songwriter is in Halifax playing a little show on Saturday opening for some guy named Paul McCartney.

Noble got the call from show promoter Nikki Shibou from 9INEmanagement on Tuesday and a day before the concert, it still hasn't quite sunk in.

"I've been thinking a lot about what it means to me to be opening for Paul McCartney, trying to sort out the emotions that keep rushing," muses Noble. 
"All it takes is thinking about his career, all of the songs he's been responsible for writing, and how instrumental he was in forming popular music as we know it today, and somehow he heard and liked my music and thought that this little singer/songwriter from Winnipeg deserves to share his stage. It's the biggest honour of my musical life so far."

While only 19 years old, Noble's musical life is already pretty impressive. The internationally-acclaimed fiddler has performed across the globe, won numerous accolades, was featured in a music documentary, had her music go up in space, and has played for dignitaries like Governor General Michaëlle Jean.

Recently, Noble has stepped out from behind her fiddle and let audiences hear her voice as well as original songs. Her debut EP as a singer/songwriter, Possibilities, and its similarly-titled single, "Possibility," has earned Noble a lot of new attention. Noble flew to Los Angeles earlier this year to film a video for "Possibility," which has since landed in rotation on CMT Canada and MuchMoreMusic.

But still, nothing compares to opening for an icon like McCartney, says Noble. "I'm a massive McCartney and Beatles fan. I remember when I was a kid making mix tapes in my room of nothing but The Beatles and The Beach Boys for roadtrips with my mom to Ottawa to visit my great grandmother. All the way to Ottawa, nothing but The Beach Boys and The Beatles."

Noble will spend the summer writing and recording more songs, playing a few festivals, and making some trips to perform in Toronto. Local fans can catch her playing the Celtic Ireland Pavilion at Folklorama. You can expect a full-length release from Noble by next spring, if not earlier.

Meanwhile, Noble's just taking it all in: "I'm going down to the site this afternoon to go check it out, see the stage, sit in the stands, feel the energy, I think it might sink in a little bit more after that."

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