Red Road Music Returns to the WECC

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According to Native American tradition, walking the red road is a metaphor for living within the Creator's guidance - a life of truth, friendship, respect, spirituality, and humanitarianism. The lives of Aboriginal musicians are often connected to the red road, a life path, which ultimately leads to self-discovery and enlightenment.

Red Road Music debuted on the West End Cultural Centre stage in 2007. Featuring performances by up and coming Aboriginal artists Don Amero, Tracy Bone, and JC Campbell, the concert was recorded for broadcast by CBC Radio. Since then, Amero, Bone, and Campbell have gone on to win several awards, play to audiences all over North America, and release critically-acclaimed albums.

Red Road Music returns to the WECC on February 18. Fresh from his recent wins at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, Amero once again takes the stage. He'll be joined by Juno Award-winning Burnt - Project 1 and Nunavut's Lucie Idlout. Wab Kinew will host once again, this time joined by NCI's Melissa Spence. CBC Radio will broadcast the concert at a later date.

This special concert will launch an exciting new initiative, Ab-Originals. This music portal spearheaded by CBC Manitoba aims to increase the presence of Aboriginal musicians online through CBC Radio 3. Listeners will be introduced to music from Aboriginal artists through podcasts and playlists they can build themselves by becoming members.

Red Road Music 2 hits the WECC at 8pm on February 18. Tickets are $10, available in advance through Ticketmaster. Click here to see the event on Facebook.

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