Facebook Privacy Debate Rages On

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People are all a flutter again about recent and upcoming changes to privacy on Facebook. Gawker's headline reads "Facebook Crushes Privacy with Impunity" while CNN has opted with a friendlier "Facebook makes it easier for users to share interests across web."

Facebook has already made it harder to hide from old "friends" from elementary school. Apparently, Facebook is now making it easier for those old friends to see that you liked a particular article on CNN.

According to CNN:

Included are major revisions to Facebook's privacy settings, which will allow some select third-party Web sites to access and store users' personal information.

Those sites can use that information to show what a user's Facebook friends have been doing on their sites. CNN, IMDB.com and ESPN.com are among the first sites signing up to use the technology. So if you're a Facebook user reading CNN.com, you'll be able to see what all your Facebook friends are looking at, view recommended stories and see which friends liked which stories

So are these changes exciting or do they make you want to deactivate your account? If you're using Facebook to promote your music, does this concern you at all?




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