Shakin' All Over

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Shakin' All Over: The Manitoba Music Experience continues its Saturdays of special music programming at the Manitoba Museum with events highlighting Aboriginal, folk, and country music over the next few weeks.

On July 24, Jerry Sereda, Little Hawk, and Krista Rey will be performing at the Museum's Alloway Hall to celebrate Aboriginal music.

Coming up on July 31, the Winnipeg Folk Festival will present a special day of folk music programming.

Cindi Cain, Chris Bigford, and Bill & Sue Hillman will be part of the country music day on August 7, which also features a songwriter's circle with Ray Martin, Harvey Levy, and more.

All performances are at Alloway Hall, noon-4pm.

The Manitoba Museum is the host of a summer-long celebration of Manitoba’s music.  Shakin’ All Over is a multi-media celebration of the many facets/genres of music in the province. Visitors will see familiar faces, artifacts, and hear the great music specific to that genre. Some of the highlights include the jacket given to Fred Turner for guest-starring in an episode of The Simpsons, Juno awards won by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Al Simmons’ one-man band and human jukebox, Daniel Lavoie’s piano, and a perfectly restored Rockola jukebox.

The Manitoba Museum’s Alloway Hall will be the home of Shakin’ All Over until September 6.

The long term objective of the Manitoba Music Experience is to create a facility that will house artifacts, activities, and the music of all the genres under one roof. This will be a meeting place, a place to see and learn about the rich musical history of the province, and to celebrate all the many successes of our Manitoba musicians, songwriters, and others involved in the music industry.


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