Indie Label Showcase @ The Lo Pub | Apr 29

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Manitoba Music presents...
Friday, April 29 | Doors 9pm
The Lo Pub, 330 Kennedy Street
$6 at the door
Royal Canoe, Attica Riots, Enjoy Your Pumas

Manitoba Music is set to present another exciting showcase of Manitoba talent on April 29 at The Lo Pub. The line-up includes indie pop/rock outfits Royal Canoe, Attica Riots, and Enjoy Your Pumas.  

The showcase offers these bands the opportunity to connect with and perform for influential industry tastemakers in town for Manitoba Music’s April 30 workshop on indie record labels. Visiting panelists include Arts & Crafts’ Jeffrey Remedios (Broken Social Scene, Feist), Last Gang Entertainment’s Mark DiPietro (Chromeo, Metric), Profound Lore’s Chris Bruni (Agalloch, KEN mode), Boompa Records’ Rob Calder, (Woodpigeon, Leeroy Stagger), and ’s Mike Renaud (Hannah Georges, Said the Whale, Imaginary Cities). 

Throughout the year, Manitoba Music produces special showcases of local talent for the guest speakers from the MusicWorks professional development workshop series. The series presents experienced music industry veterans and hot new trend setters speaking on the most important topics for today’s artists and music industry entrepreneurs. These showcase events offer Manitoba acts a unique opportunity to perform for and network with leading music industry professionals.


Manitoba Music presents...
Saturday, April 30 | 12pm | $25 members, $40 non-members
Jeffrey Remedios, President, Arts & Crafts (Broken Social Scene, Feist)
Mark DiPietro, VP Creative, Last Gang Entertainment (Chromeo, Metric)
Chris Bruni, Owner, Profound Lore Records (Agalloch, Dawnbringer, KEN mode)
Rob Calder, Owner, Boompa Records (Woodpigeon, Leeroy Stagger)
Mike Renaud, Upper Management, Hidden Pony Records (Hannah Georges, Said the Whale, Imaginary Cities) 

As the traditional record business struggles to find its feet in the turbulent sea of increasing digital music downloads and the death of retail music, the independent record companies are at the forefront of creating a new model for the music industry. On a global scale, independents are bridging the old and new music business realities. Due to their smaller size, flexible corporate culture, and close relationship with the music they release, indie record labels adapting to the new reality in a variety of remarkable ways. 

This workshop will be a discussion of the role of independent record labels in the Canadian music industry, and will address the specific circumstances that have allowed independent record labels to thrive in Canada. The panel will discuss how they choose what music to release, in what ways they support and are involved in other aspects of a musician’s career, from touring to publishing, and how their relationships with their artists work, both artistically and financially.

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